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Colour is one of the most powerful elements in decorating as shades and tones around us can affect how we feel and behave. Changing colour can make a dramatic difference and is easily the most cost effective way to transform your 'space'. You can make an uninviting home welcoming and a dull one exciting, you can change the mood of a room highlighting its good points or hiding its bad ones.

Colour choice is personal and depends upon personality, likes and dislikes. Colour usually evokes an emotional response rather than an intellectual one-you may feel calmed by blue whereas someone else may feel 'trapped'. There are no right or wrong answers to colour choice. Light and colour work hand in hand in creating a colour scheme, they play altering scale and proportions. A surface is 'dark' because it absorbs light and is 'light' because it reflects light.

Dark shades 'advance', making spaces appear smaller while light colours 'recede', creating the opposite effect. Colour is able to manipulate our perceptions of space, temperature and time. Cool colours will make a space appear larger, give the illusion of a colder temperature or make time appear to pass slower. Warm colours will make a space seem smaller and cosier, give the illusion of a warmer temperature or make time appear to pass faster. (From the colour wheel, Cool colours are Violet, Blue-Violet, Blue, Blue-Green, Green and Yellow Green. Warm colours are Red-Violet, Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Yellow-Orange and Yellow).

Some things to think about :

» Restaurants use colour schemes of red and yellow. Red increases adrenalin making you move quickly and yellow stimulates appetite.

Houses painted in yellow, green, red and white sell faster as they are easier to remember.

» Blue is often used in hospital nurseries as the colour helps babies relax and cry less.
» Green is often used in hospital operating rooms - green keeps the surgeon's eyes acute to red and pink and relieves glare. It is also perceived as a healing and restorative colour.
Ashiyana Paints
Ashiyana Paints
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